Two volumes dedicated to the Atena’s solutions for modular false ceilings made up of tiles, staves and open cells.

Atena METAL MODULAR is the range of metal false ceilings in aluminum and steel, available in various models and finishing. All tiles can be installed on visible or hidden structures, assuring a great aesthetical result in each contest. METAL MODULAR tiles are manufactured in pre or post painted steel and aluminum and supplied in a wide range of colours. Suitable to each inner space, these tiles can be perfectly integrated with accessories such as lightings, sprinklers, smoke detectors, heating plants and used with special insulation materials. Metal Modular tiles allow to reach the acoustic level desired. Atena S.p.A. proposes original and smart solutions, customers can choose among many types of perforations and finishing, signed Atena DECO, the dedicated section for artistic creations.

Atena staves and open cells, with a wide range of installation systems, complete the Atena collection of standard false ceiling with several versatile and timeless solutions. ATENA STAVES, made up of pre and post painted steel or aluminum coils, represent an excellent choice for many environments: from freestanding models for narrow corridors or small areas, to locked systems for gyms, railways and areas subjected to shock or vibrations. Sublimated with any image or effect Atena staves can be decorated with a variety of perforations and aesthetic finishing and, combined with special sound insulation and absorption materials, help to achieve the desired technical performance.

ATENA OPEN CELL is a modern and appealing solution, which gives a touch of ligthness and originality to each false ceiling. The production includes both integrated solution and visible structure installations. In the first case the Open Cell tiles and the grid make a ‘unique body, showing a particular aesthetic effect, while in the second case there is a combination of basic. T15/24 structure and tiles, underlining the modular shapes. Made of pre painted aluminum, 5/10 thickness, Atena Open Cell is available both in standard sizes and meshes and in special dimensions for peculiar projects.

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